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How We Teach

Here at CIS, our motto for every child is to “aspire, create and excel.” The teachers strive hard to identify each child’s strengths and understand where they need help and assistance, and teach them while valuing their uniqueness. By combing our strong Indian routes with global perspectives we aim to make our children socially aware and confident.

Our school wants to make sure that every child learns from the best to be able to give their best and succeed in the outside world. Our students will be taught and trained using future education methods and modern techniques to enable them to become ideal citizens of the new world.


Our Teaching is

Activity based




Inquiry based


Project based

Checks for Student Understanding

Enables students to apply their learning

The Philosophy of the Institute

“Every student can learn. Just not on the same day and in the same way."

Every child is led towards prominence and is enabled to enjoy learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We combine the rich CBSE curriculum frameworks with a practical and hands-on program of differentiation for students in the class, enabling them to take ownership and responsibility for their class-work, home-work and assessments which are periodically conducted as part of our “Checking for Understanding” philosophy at CIS.

Co-curricular Activities

At CIS, we believe that good education is received from academics combing a range of co-curricular activities. Along with subjects like Math and Science, a child must also be given a chance to develop skills. Exposure at the right time and by trained experts, allows a child the balance required for holistic learning. We will offer co-curricular activties in the fields of:





Other activities

  • Cricket

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Badminton

  • Performing Arts

Other activities

  • Creative Arts

  • Theatre Arts

  • Track & Field (PE)

  • Gardening

  • Critical Thinking & Chess

Value Additions

Our focus on academic excellence, providing children with opportunities to explore creative & performing arts, sports etc. also includes value additions in the form of activities that make the learning more exciting. These are:

SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation)

Science Olympiad Foundation prepares students for future competitive exams. Our trained teachers motivate the students to ensure maximum participation. Teachers also train and guide the students to achieve excellence.


Maharashtra Scholarship Examination (For Grades V & VIII)

Scholarship examination is an important platform to identify and nurture the talented students. Our teachers train and guide the students to mark their excellence.


State and National level competition/ Academics

Intelligence plus under the name of InnoVenture organizes the national level Ideation and Entrepreneurship challenge for students from grades IV to IX.


State and National level competition/ Sports

Our trained Physical Education teacher enthusiastically encourages the students to participate in National level Taekwondo and Judo competitions.