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Welcome to Cambridge International's Pre-School


Enrolling your child in the best Pre-primary schools in India is no longer a luxury but a fundamental step for laying the foundation for formal education in children. If you have a toddler who is ready for preschool, you would want to enrol them in a good preschool to kick-start their learning journey, do it in Cambridge.

Our Motto


Our Mission

  • INSPIRE our children to be passionate lifelong learners through a curriculum with pedagogical integrity, which allows them to always INQUIRE, INNOVATE and contribute in meaningful ways to society.

What we strive for

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Our Vision

What we stand by

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To create responsible universal citizens, who would be Bright leaders of 21st century by laying a superior Foundation through quality EDUCATION.

Core Values

Everyone matters and is Valued.


We are committed to SAFE and SECURE environment.

Mutual RESPECT to promote positive attitude.

RESILIENCE to face challenges and overcome them.

HONESTY and INTEGRITY to inculcate good character.

Holistic Education

“Given to tiny tots of Cambridge with the aim to develop child's Socio-emotional, Physical, Cognitive, logical, Communication & Linguistic skills.”

CORE SKILLS -The emphasis according to NEP 2020 policy is Foundation in Numeracy and Literacy, which is achieved through a well planned curriculum.

Cambridge caters to all types of learners through MLP (Multiple Learning Pathway) :


Learning is fun through activities, role play, demonstration and drapery for Seasons, Community Helpers etc.

Indoor & Outdoor games

The child's gross and fine motor skills are stimulated through educational toys provided in each classes. They make innovative constructions. It helps in concentration and eye -hand coordination. The outdoor games and playing in the Park makes the kids very joyful.

Use of Concrete materials

The kids absorb better through experiential learning. It enhances their sensory & visual experiences.

Reading & Phonics

Phonics is the base for literacy. The young learners acquire the skill of correct pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension and voice modulation .This programme is executed through Fitzroy app and reader.


Each class is equipped with projectors to enhance learning through digital content and videos.


Each class has story books of Indian as well as International authors on Library stand. The stories make our young learners imaginative through colourful pictures. They develop skills of listening reading and narration.


The tiny tots are taught the value of religious tolerance and respect. To inculcate this value various festivals are celebrated.


Confidence and stage daring is developed by tapping the potential of every child ,by conducting Competitions like Solo dance, Fancy dress, Recitation, Crazy hairstyle, Handwriting, Show & tell


Projects develop scientific temper & innovation. Students display their exhibits on various topics taught during the year.

Field Trip & Excursions

Majority of learning takes place through real life connect. Kids visits various spots like Farm, Bank, and Railway Station, Post office, parks & garden.

Parental Involvement

They too participate in Father's day, Women's day, Grandparents day in various activities.


The students imbibe the value of respecting elders, punctuality, responsibility, honesty, sharing, cleanliness, health & Hygiene.

Art & Craft

This develops aesthetic value in the kids.


Cambridge students have been rankers in Olympiad Examinations.

Faculty Details

Name Qualifications
Mrs Vandana Niteen Dongre MA.B.ed, MTTC, DSM
Assistant Teachers
Suvarna Kiran Danekar, IT
Anjali Mahadev Bamnale HSc,D.ed
Shagufta Arif Mujawar B.Com
Mineesha Shivdasan Nair HSc ,Dip in dance
Philomena Anthony Paul SSK
Deepa Kunal Bochare Dip Civil Engg.
Nasreen Shahid Khan HSC, MTTC
Vellangani Simon Edwa5, MTTC
Deepali Pravin Sonavane BA, MTTC

Faculty training programs

  • Classklap trainings online &offline

  • COE training from CBSE portal

  • Training by Educational world.

  • Trainings conducted by School Superintendent

  • .Trainings on skill development by the Co-ordinator

  • Technical trainings for apps

  • Pre-school online trainings