Our Academics

The atmosphere of home away from home with child safety is created. The child experiences the tender care and love of well trained teachers who promote self discipline.

The curriculum is standardized through a unique study material, diagnostic assessments, objective evaluation and effective feedback to the parents.

The potential of every individual is reflected in all activities. We follow the NCERT curriculum. All activities are designed as per the CBSE guidelines.

The student’s curriculum activities are planned and executed as per the CBSE guidelines. It is ensured that each individual is provided with opportunities for the development of skills and values.

Cambridge believes that “Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and mood”. We insist on participation in games and exercise for all ages as it instills a sense of team spirit and teaches to deal with success and failure. Training and fitness sessions, sporting events, competition at all levels, annual sports day are mandated part of our time table.